Vijnanabharathi Educational and Charitable Society

Vijnanabharathi Educational & Charitable Society established by Aacharya Sri KR Manoj ji in the year 1999 and has been working since the last 23 years for imparting integrated education and serving society through Sevana (Service) – Sakthikarana (Empowerment) – Samrakshana (Protection) activities.

The motto is to take Sanathana Dharma and Indian Culture & Knowledge to the whole world, to every continent, every nation, every region such that the world unites as one family; Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

It supports various charitable activities in health, education, food etc. to deserving people. Throughout the years of our functioning, we have reverted more than 7021 people, both women and men, from the clutches of drug abuse, damaging lifestyles, alcoholism, dangerous ideologies etc. through imparting proper education, Yoga Vidya, counselling, and rehabilitation.

Sevana (Service)

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Shakteekarana (Empowerment)

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Samrakshana (Protection)

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Dr. TP Senkumar
Former SPC and DGP

The selfless service activities of Vijnanabharathi Educational & Charitable Society are exceptional. They are the need of the society.

Suresh Gopi
Former MP and renowned Film actor

What makes Vijnanabharathi unique is that they not only provide momentary service but make the individuals capable and self-sufficient and moulding all its beneficiaries to lead others by example. Their well-trained and vibrant volunteers work round-the-clock to ensure they are always available for the needs of society. The three S's are the hallmarks of Vijnanabharathi; Sevana (Service), Saktheekarana (Empowerment), and Samrakshana (Protection). Unparalleled service and praiseworthy commitment.

Srimad Swami Brahmapaadananda Saraswathi Ji
Director, Sri Ramadasa Mission, Chengottukonam

Remarkable efforts of the team in ensuring service to society. My blessings to them.

Menaka Suresh
Cine Artist

"We live in a time of increasing endarkenment which, if we engage with it rightly, can lead to a new age of increasing enlightenment. Vijnanabharathi Educational and Charitable society is tirelessly working with the motto "Liberation through Knowledge" and thus can enlighten everyone's life. One and Only Educational institution that provides ancient and modern knowledges under same roof. I am really impressed by their service-empowerment and protection activities. It's really happy to say that the Educational & Charitable Society provides all it's services at free of cost"

G. Suresh Kumar
Propreitor of Revathy Kalamandhir film production company and Film Producer

Vijnanabharathi's unique approach of providing not just momentary relief from distress but providing root cause solution and long-lasting solutions makes it stand apart. Their untiring efforts to create a better society by moulding better individuals is laudable.

Retd. District & Sessions Judge

I am very much glad in knowing that a group of dedicated youngsters are on the way under the banner of Vijnanabharathi Educational and Charitable Society to instill love and brotherliness to the heart of our people to purify their polluted mind and thoughts. Education is the best way to lead them to a new world of love and peace. The study on the history of our society with an aim to lightened the ancient knowledge and thoughts of our ancestors will definitely enable every Indian especially members of new generation to view our history, politics and life in a new perspective. I wish that activities of the society giving love and affection without any discrimination on caste, religion or politics will definitely find a good result. I offer sincere cooperation to achieve the aims of the society. Wishing you all success!

Lakshminarayanan KV
HR & OD Leader with more than 2 decades of Global MNC experience, Chennai

Our India i.e., Bharat has a unique position in the world today. After millenia we are in a position of having the largest young population in the entire world. It is a great boon for any nation if its demographic advantage is harnessed properly which can catapult the nation to its glory. But reverse is also true. If this youth energy is not properly channelised it can become a threat to humanity itself. It is in such context, the yeoman services of organisations like Vijnanabharathi acquires significance in grooming proud youth who are responsible and culturally rooted with the right values. It can power India to become a great modern nation...a "Viswaguru l" in line with its glorious ancient heritage. As an HR professional with 2 decades of experience, I can aver that what Vijnanabharathi ECS is imparting is the most important and fundamental competencies of human development. I request all of you join hands in supporting Vijnanabharathi in this lofty mission of renaissance of our ancient civilization.

Mathanam Asokan Thantri
Arookutti, Alappuzha

Service to humanity is service to divinity. Vijnanabharathi has been doing notable service to society since its inception.

Dr K Vijayakumaran Nair
Ex-ditector, Scientific Investigation Wing, Kerala police

I am so happy to associate with Vijnanabharathi Educational & Charitable Society. I wish this organization all success in its goals & objectives for the poor and needy people. Great to see such good work done in the community.

Adv. Jayasooryan
All India Vice President, BJP Kisan Morcha

Just like a spoon of starter transforms a vessel of milk into curd, Vijnanabharathi Educational & Charitable Society has been able to transform individuals and society widely through its educational and other service activities

Jeeja Surendran
Cine Artist

Praiseworthy service by Vijnanabharathi Educational & Charitable Society. Unique in the current times.

Dr Raveendran, IAS
Rtd. Registrar, state co-operative society

What makes Vijnanabharathi Educational & Charitable Society distinctive is its ability to empower through education, creating dignified individuals who help in nation-building

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