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Bringing ancient Gurukula-style education to modern times. At VBECS Gurukulam, the focus is on redefining education by reviving the ancient Indian system of learning, which is the Guruparampara system that was carried out through Gurukuls. VBECS Gurukulam combines Indian branches of knowledge along with modern sciences to prepare and mould a learner to be fully capable in multiple disciplines. The main characteristic of our courses is that they are taught from the authentic, real source, starting right from the terminology to the minutest complex details through various levels in simple student-friendly manner in traditional Guru-Shishya model; involving interactions, discussions, Question-Answer sessions and various forms of examinations throughout these courses. The learner develops a broader perspective and are transformed into responsible and responsive citizens who will contribute to society and nation-building. The Gurukulas provide an environment where the learners are inspired to think, be inquisitive, innovative, ambitious, and compete healthily. Since the Corona period, the classes are conducted mostly online.

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