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 Vijnanabharathi Vidyajyothi Scholarship Program

Vijnanabharathi is reaching out to the masses that includes students who are strongly influenced by ideologies that are harmful to the individual as well as to the society, through a unique program called “Vidyajyothi Scholarship Exam”. This educational program is being organized as part of the efforts to convey the message of Sanathana Dharma and the glory of Indian culture to the whole world. 

What is Vijnanabharathi’s Vidyajyothi Scholarship Curriculum?

The Vijnanabharathi Vidyajyothi Scholarship Curriculum is an informal educational program that combines ancient and modern knowledges and scientific discoveries on the basis of the rich Indian educational tradition. 

This first-of-its-kind scholarship course is organized under the joint auspices of Aarsha Vidya Samajam’s sister movements Vijnanabharathi Educational and Charitable Society, Vijnanabharathi Charitable Trust, and Viswabharathi Charitable Trust. 

Who can participate?

It is going to be an enlightening curriculum not only for students, teachers, and researchers in the field of education, but for all humans. This informal education initiative is characterized by a systematic syllabus and a competitive exam that will be beneficial for students from the level of kindergarten to post-graduation, teachers, parents, and all curious knowledge seekers. This course of study is open for anyone irrespective of age and the competitive exam can be written by anyone from the age of four to the end of one’s lifetime. Such a course and examination is exceptional and never-seen before. 

Indian Education System

Ancient India could boast of a high level of education and an unprecedented educational tradition. In addition to primary schools such as Gurukulas that imparted Para Vidya and Apara Vidya, there were systematized formal education centers such as Shalas (Sabha Mutts) and Sarvakalashalas (Universities). And there was informal education imparted by Spiritual masters and Guru Paramparas who taught advanced lessons of Para Vidya, and other specialised masters who teach various Apara Vidyas. It is through these two kinds of learning that Indian education grew and spread. 

The Vidyajyothi Scholarship exam conducted by Vijnanabharathi is a curriculum that integrates the tradition and virtues of Indian educational system with modern scientific and technological achievements and advancements.

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