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Vijnanabharathi International Study and Research Foundation (VISRF)

The project is intended to be an educational centre bringing together ancient Indian sciences and modern knowledges in various Indian and World languages. The educational centre shall serve as a training centre for developing teachers and promoting Indian knowledges in the world and empowerment centre through various skill development trainings for the economically and socially deprived people, in making them self-dependent and restoring dignified lives.

The planned built-up area of the first phase is 30,000 sqft. With 47 pilings installed, the foundation was made sturdy enough to withhold upto 10 floors. The structure for 3 floors has been completed. The work of the floors above is going on. 18,000 sqft of floor has been concreted. The wall plastering works, electrical wiring, plumbing, flooring, painting, lift work, landscaping, compound wall, septic tank, water tank are to be started.

We are living in times when the information that is available to children and people of all age groups is misleading them. Majority of them are getting brainwashed and leaning towards wrong lifestyles, and damaging habits. Although, it affects all sections of society, women and children especially from economically challenged backgrounds majorly suffer the effects and consequences of these.

Through Vijnanabharathi International Study and Research Foundation, we aim to impart real knowledge that moulds the complete personality of the individual - physical, mental, intellectual, social, spiritual; provide counselling such that the root cause of the problem is removed, empower those who require support through employment generating courses, prevent suicides and murders; all these in a interactive Gurukul-based teaching environment.

Timely counselling can prevent suicides, murders, valuable human lives being wasted as a result of untreated depression and other psychologic disorders, causing distress to the individual, family, society, and nation. Untreated mental issues can supress one’s abilities causing major waste of human resource to the nation.

Drug addiction is a major concern in youth today. Their physical,mental, intellectual, social capabilities are being suppressed and they are being used for anti-human and anti-social activities.
At VISRF, a deaddiction and rehabilitation facility will also be set up.The goal is also to eliminate the hesitation and misconceptions about mental health.

Future Plan

FUTURE PLAN – This University needs to be upgraded to a world-class university offering authorized courses from all universities of India and the World (various job training courses). The aim is to create a network of schools that include

  • Entrance exam coaching centres

  • Coaching centres starting from LDC to Civil Services exams

  • Media school

  • Open school

  • Gurukul-like schools with their own syllabus

  • Model school

  • Daycare, Playschool, LKG, UKG

  • LP, UP, High School, Plus One, Plus Two

  • Degrees in various disciplines

  • Post graduate courses

  • PhD

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