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                                                                     VBECS - Vijnanabharathi Vidya Kendram

Formal education is a key phase in the life of an individual in current times. But with rising competition and poor teaching methods, many students lack interest in their school subjects and do not perform well. Students’ Excellence Program (SEP) courses are designed to enable a student to develop interest in any subject and to make learning easier and fun. We offer Students’ Excellence Program for holistic personal development and skill enhancement of students. It is a step towards implementing the educational system of the Rishis. Education is the way to achieve complete health, overall personality development, complete life success, complete problem-solving, and building a great society. This course covers ancient Gurukul knowledge and modern methods for acquiring physical, Pranic, mental, intellectual, spiritual, and social qualities, knowledge, abilities, and strengths. Along with basic lessons in Yoga Vidya, and BharathiyaSamskrithi, the course contains personality development, brain power, IQ development methods, study techniques, memory enhancement methods, Exam & Interview facing strategies, success strategies, writing and speech training, language proficiency, mathematical ability, Vedic mathematics, basics of science, history of freedom struggle and renaissance, counselling, VyayamikiVijnan, various games, folklore, daily living (beneficial knowledge and tips essential in day-to-day life), legal literacy, First Aid, science of our body, career guidance, quizzes, stories, biographies of great people, general knowledge, current affairs, proverbs, riddles, reasoning  etc.

The course is offered on 5 levels –

LP (for students of Class 1 to 4)

UP (for students of Class 5 to 7)

High School (for students of Class 8 to 10)

Higher Secondary (for students of +1 and +2) College Level (for undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional college students)

All these are taught at Teachers’ and Students’ levels.

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