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At VBECS Yoga Centres, we provide real Yoga Vidya course comprehensively, completely, and scientifically without any compromise based on the Natha Sampradaya. This Yoga is based on the Shodasha Tattvas – 16 principles. A scientific practice of these 16 principles as prescribed by the Guru, can lead to Arogyam (complete health), Samadhanam (harmony), Shanti (peace), Swasthi, Swasthyam, Suraksha, while also enhancing one’s capabilities, intellect, qualities, and power i.e., integrated personality development on all levels, Physical, Pranic (energy-level), Mental, Intellectual, Social, and Spiritual, as opposed to the current Yoga and personality grooming centres that focus on only a part of either of these aspects.


  1. Learning disabilities, and problems arising due to wrong lifestyles are common among children and youth. Schools and colleges strain students without making them adaptable to stress or capable of overcoming failures. Yoga can help them adapt to such situations and make them balanced physically and mentally.

  1. Yoga for corporates. To help them relax and strike a good work-life balance. It is less than 1 hour away from Technopark, Trivandrum.

  1. Providing proper training for children, especially girls from a young age so as to make them capable of protecting themselves and live as self-respecting individuals.

  1. Providing Yoga training for women from low-income families. This can enable them to grow as an individual while also supporting their homes. 

  1. Providing rehabilitation for women who have suffered domestic violence to overcome suffering, fear,and restore their dignity.

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