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Provides education and research facilities in all fields of ancient and modern knowledge.  Teaches and promotes Indian Culture and Arts.

Establishing Training centres – for all kinds of training such as leadership training, public speaking, parenting, teacher training, martial arts etc.

 Starts Skill Development centres and Coaching Centres for government exams and various job oriented courses.     

Conducting awareness classes for complete health, integrated personality development, overall success in life, radical problem solving capacity and a noble society building capacity. 

Organising Students’ Excellence Programmes to contribute exemplary citizens with outstanding personalities to society.

Conducted free awareness classes and camps against drug abuse.

Conducting free 10-day camps every year on subjects such as Yoga Vidya, BharatheeyaSamskrith and Students’ Excellence Programme in several places all over Kerala.

Free classes and camps @ our Tripunithuraand  Balaramapuram centres.

Daily, tri-weekly, weekly classes on Yogavidya, BharatheeyaSamskrithi  and Students’ Excellence  programme and also classes on  Classical Dance, Bhajans, Classical Singing and Music,  Drawing, Tailoring, Martial arts like Karate, Kung-fu. 

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Since March 2020, we have been conducting our classes online in various batches on Bharatheeya Samskrithi, Students’ Excellence programme and speeches and webinars. More than 4000 people are attending.  

Provides integrated counselling that moulds an individual physically, mentally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually and shall also offer premarital counselling, family counselling with practical training  and day-today experiences.

Conducting seminars and workshops for women and child empowerment.

Provides safe shelter to women.

Provides skill training for women living below poverty line.

Providing rehabilitation for women who have suffered domestic violence to overcome suffering, fear, and restore their dignity.

Free food for students & inmates of our centres.

Financial help for students for their academic education.

Free medicine & treatment for poor & also students and inmates of our centres.  

Financial support for the deserving families – Kutumba Sahaya Nidhi.  

Relief during flood disaster [August 2018] in Kerala.  

Supplied free food items, clothes, medicine, blankets to people in Relief  Camps and counselled them for optimistic & positive attitude.  

Provided Financial aid for marriages in poor families.  

Supplied mobiles to poor students for online classes.

Spread noble, positive and creative ideas through IT and Social media.  

Helped people to repair and construct houses.

Clinic and Mini Hospital Services and Palliative centre. 

Provided all our services at free of cost to all people.

Free medical aid ,food, care and rehabilitation for corona affected patients.

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